Convert WORD to VCARD

Is it possible to convert MS Word files to vCard format.

How to convert word to vcard file

As far as we know, converting Microsoft Word documents directly to vCard files (.doc to .vcf / .docx to .vcf conversion) is not possible. You will, most likely, not find any software or file conversion utility capable of executing such a conversion. This is usually attempted by users who have a long list of contacts data saved in .doc / .docx format.

Your best option here is to manually copy and paste your contacts data to a spreadsheet, e.g. in Microsoft Excel. Then simply save your spreadsheet as a .csv file, which can be easily converted to vCard format (.vcf). To do so, please refer to the entry on .csv to .vcf conversion, which can be done using the Cisdem ContactsMate software.

Additional formats for
word file conversion

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