Convert CSV to VCF

Options for export of contacts between CSV and VCF formats.

How to convert csv to vcf file

What is the CSV to VCF conversion?

When it comes to CSV and VCF formats, both are commonly used to store user contacts, be it from their mobile devices or just PIM or email clients. Both are text formats, just structured differently.

Unlike vCard (.vcf), which is a standardized format for contact storage and transfer, CSV files lack uniformity. No rules define how contacts are written to a .csv file, except for the obvious comma-separated formatting. Additionally, VCF saves audio snippets in addition to contact images.

CSV format is the default export format from pretty much every tool that stores contacts, but vCard format is often available as well, especially from e-mail clients and PIM tools.

How do I convert contacts between CSV and vCard?

Previously, you had to rely on various csv to vcf conversion utilities or desktop email clients to convert contact files via the import/export method. Nowadays, you can achieve things very simply by doing one of the following:

Use csv to vCard online parser

You can use online converters like CSV to vCard and copy the contents of your .csv file to produce a version for the .vcf file. Copy the output into Notepad, save the text file, and rename the extension to .vcf instead of just txt. Modern tools may even add simple upload and save buttons to these parsers, making it a simple, few-click operation.

Use various CSV to vCcard converters

Many can be found online, ranging from free to few-dollar ones. If you do not trust online parsers or need to deal with such exports offline, these utilities are your best shot at converting contacts quickly from .csv files to .vcf files.

Syncing contacts through Gmail / Outlook

You can use the default synchronization function of Gmail or Microsoft Outlook, add new contacts, and export them again to another format. Of course, this is not the best idea if you are handling 3rd party contacts, only in case you want to convert your whole contacts file.

CSV to vCard

A simple CSV to vCard converter

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CSV to VCF Converter

A tool for converting CSV files to a VCF format

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On-line electronic mail service developed by Google

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Microsoft Outlook

An e-mail management tool distributed with Microsoft Office suite

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