Convert WAV to WEM

Is there an easy way to convert .wav files to .wem audio format?

How to convert wav to wem file

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It is quite simple to convert WAVE Audio files directly to Wwise Encoded Media files (.wav to .wem conversion), although your alternatives are limited to using the original software. Wwise (WaveWorks Interactive Sound Engine) is a program allowing users to create and manage complex interactive sound projects. It is widely utilized in numerous popular video games and other interactive programs.

In Wwise do the following:

1. Create a new project. Click on the 'Project' tab at the top, then 'New'.

2. Import your WAV file. That can be done by easily dragging and dropping the file into the 'Audio' tab or by clicking on 'Project' then 'Import Audio Files'.

3. Convert the file by right clicking on the audio file under the 'Audio' tab and select 'Convert to WEM'.

You will need to use a different tool should you need to convert your WEM file back to a more "common" audio format (such as MP3 or WAV), because Wwise doesn't support such conversion directly.

Use tools that are compatible with the WEM file type, such as Foobar2000 or Ravioli Extractor.

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