Convert SDR to EXCEL

Explore various methods to convert SDR drawings to MS Excel format.

How to convert sdr to excel file

You cannot directly convert SmartDraw Drawings to MS Excel formats (.sdr to .xls/.xlsx conversion), since SDR drawings are saved in the proprietary file format used by SmartDraw, a software used to generate business graphics like diagrams and charts. There is, however, a small workaround you can apply.

1. In SmartDraw load your SDR file and export it to a more common file format like PDF or JPEG.

2. Should your SDR file contain data, which could be represented in a spreadsheet (i.e. table or chart), your best alternative is to manually copy the data from the exported PDF/JPEG file into MS Excel.

Keep in mind that the graphic elements from an SDR file won't be preserved by MS Excel, as it is purely a spreadsheet software. Converting data from an SDR drawing to XLS/XLSX only makes sense if the SDR file contains table or list data that MS Excel can work with.

Should that not be the case and the file doesn't contain any kind of structured data, which could be read by MS Excel, it will not be able to convert your SDR data to MS Excel formats, XLS/XLSX.

Additional formats for
sdr file conversion

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