Convert RW2 to TIFF

Exporting Panasonic RAWs to TIFF format.

How to convert rw2 to tiff file

Converting digital photographs from their original raw formats, such as RW2 files from Panasonic cameras, to more common formats like JPEG or, in this case, TIFF, is common for photographers looking to share or publish their work. This process helps reduce the file size, making it easier to distribute and making the images more accessible to a broader range of devices and software. However, it's important to note that this conversion may lead to a loss of metadata, which includes valuable information about the settings used when taking a photograph, and potentially a reduction in image quality due to compression.

To preserve the integrity of the original image as much as possible, it's advisable to use photo management/editing software like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, which offers robust support for the camera's raw files. For instance, Panasonic's Lumix cameras produce .rw2 files that can be handled effectively by compatible software, ensuring that photographers have control over the final output of their images.

If the preferred export to TIFF format isn't an option by your photo management software, exporting images to JPG is a widely supported alternative. Once in JPG format, numerous image converters can be used to transition to TIFF. 

Additional formats for
rw2 file conversion

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