Convert RFA to 3DS

How to convert .rfa files to .3ds format.

How to convert rfa to 3ds file

Converting .rfa to .3ds most likely relates to users attempting to export Revit Family Files to 3D Studio Scene format, and is not a very straightforward conversion.

Try using the original Revit software to export your .rfa file to .fbx format (Autodesk FBX Interchange File). Then simply load your .fbx file in 3ds Max, and export it in the 3D Studio Scene format (.3ds).

Alternatively, you might attempt an .rfa to .3ds conversion with programs, such as BIMscript or the 3D CAD Models Engineering App by CADENAS, as their developers claim that they are capable of such a conversion. We weren't, however, able to verify that yet.

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