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How to convert oxps to png. Available oxps to png converters.

How to convert oxps to png file

The OXPS file is associated with the Open XML Paper Specification file format. It's a format used for storing document data in a structured manner, introduced by Microsoft with Windows 8. OXPS files serve to retain the formatting and visual elements of a document, ensuring that it looks the same when opened on any device, similar to Adobe PDFs. Although OXPS is intended to be an open standard, it's most commonly encountered within the Microsoft ecosystem. The format supports fixed-layout documents, enabling users to incorporate text, images, and other media into a static layout, ensuring consistent document appearance across platforms and devices. However, one limitation of the OXPS format is its limited compatibility; it is primarily supported on Windows 8 and subsequent versions. Users on other platforms or earlier versions of Windows might need to convert OXPS files to the more widely supported XPS or PDF formats to view and share them easily.

The Portable Network Graphics (PNG) file format is widely used to store raster graphics. Created as a superior alternative to the Graphic Interchange Format (GIF), PNG supports lossless data compression, meaning it can retain an image's original quality. Widely used by internet users and web designers due to its effectiveness in preserving image clarity and quality.

Direct .oxps to .png conversion is typically unsupported by standard document or image viewers. As far as we know, not many Windows programs can be used for the purpose of oxps to png conversion exists, but there are several options available for Mac users. The usual workaround for Windows users is to first convert oxps to xps or oxps to pdf using, e.g., XPS Viewer, then convert the resulting file to PNG format with an xps to png converter or pdf to png converter. You can also try to convert OXPS to JPEG image and then simply convert between graphics formats from jpg to png.

You can try reaConverter software for direct OXPS to PNG conversion.

Some online services offer oxps to png conversion, but this probably does not work. Be careful to whom you send your data.

Associated software - oxps to png converters

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A dedicated conversion software

XPS to JPG Converter

A free XPS to JPG converter

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XPS Viewer

A free XPS document viewer

XPS-to-PDF icon


A simple and efficient way to batch convert XPS or OXPS (OpenXPS) documents into PDF. The XPS-to-PDF supports JPEG, JPEG2000 and Flate image compression types along with output quality for PDF conversion.

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XPS-to-PDF for Mac

One of the many document converters for Mac

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An XPS/OXPS reader for Mac