Convert OXPS to PDF

Converting .oxps document files directly to Adobe .pdf format.

How to convert oxps to pdf file

Converting Open XML Paper Specification .oxps document files directly to Adobe Portable Document Format (.oxps to .pdf conversion) can be easily accomplished using the virtual PDF printer function in Microsoft Windows 8 or later.

In that case:

  1. Load/import your .oxps file in XPS Viewer (default Windows tool)
  2. Go to 'File' and 'Print function.'
  3. Select 'virtual PDF printer' to complete the conversion.

If you are still using Windows XP (or older), you might need to look for third-party alternatives, even though your chances that some of them support the .oxps files type are pretty low.

Alternatively, try one of the numerous available conversion tools by searching oxps-to-pdf or oxps2pdf.

To convert oxps to pdf on MacOS, try to use XPS-to-PDF for Mac converter, capable of direct and batch oxps or xps to pdf conversion. XPSView is another tool for Mac for viewing .oxps or .xps documents, and then you can print it to .pdf and save it to a file.

Additional formats for
oxps file conversion

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