Convert NWC to NWD

Check out some options how .nwc files might be converted into .nwd format.

How to convert nwc to nwd file

NWC and NWD file formats

NWC files are primarily associated with NoteWorthy Composer - music notation software. These files cannot be converted into Navisworks .nwd files.

NWD files, on the other hand, are associated with Autodesk Navisworks - project review software used in architecture, engineering, and construction. NWD files are complete projects that can be viewed with the Navisworks Freedom viewer. It contains 3D designs and metadata.

NWC files in the context of Navisworks

NWC files refer to Navisworks Cache files from various design applications or files created by the Navisworks NWC Export Utility. This utility is used to generate whole-project models for simulation and analysis in Navisworks.

Features of the NWC Export Utility

Enables the creation of whole-project models for simulation and analysis. Team members can generate NWC files directly from design applications. The NWC exporter works with various products, including AutoCAD, Revit, 3ds Max, Bentley MicroStation, and Graphisoft ArchiCAD. The NWC file format supports the transfer of both object geometry and associated metadata.

Conversion of NWC into NWD file

You can use Navisworks Manager from Autodesk Navisworks, which is known for its powerful project review capabilities. It facilitates integrating and managing diverse file types, including NWC files, to provide a comprehensive project overview. If you have an appropriate .nwc file, you can open and save it as NWD file type.

Additional formats for
nwc file conversion

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