Convert MP2 to MP3

Is there a simple way to convert .mp2 audio files to .mp3 format?

How to convert mp2 to mp3 file

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Converting MPEG Layer II Compressed Audio Files directly to MP3 Audio Files (.mp2 to .mp3 conversion) is possible and should be quite straightforward.

Use an audio editing software or (online) conversion tool, such as Helium Music Manager or Tiny Audio Converter, which allow users to import MP2 files and export them in MP3 format.

Helium Music Manager icon

Helium Music Manager

A music library management program

Nero Recode icon

Nero Recode

A multimedia converting tool for Windows

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A free universal media, audio & video converter

Tiny Audio Converter icon

Tiny Audio Converter

Audio converter for Mac

VIP Video Converter

Video converting software



An audio converter and audio-grabber for Windows

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