Convert APK to TPK

Can I convert .apk files to .tpk format.

How to convert apk to tpk file

Converting Android Package Files to Tizen Package format (.apk to .tpk conversion) typically relates to users seeking for ways to install Android apps on Tizen systems (e.g. Samsung Smart TVs). 

Certain modern Android apps can be installed, and used on Tizen devices seamlessly. That's because the TizenOS contains a so called OpenMobile Application Compatibility Layer (OACL).

Not every app, however, is compatible with OACL, and so many users search for some third-party solutions. We are, unfortunately, not aware of any available program or conversion utility capable of converting .apk to .tpk.

The database currently does not contain any apk file converter.

Additional formats for
apk file conversion

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