Convert AI to DST

How to convert .ai files to .dst format.

How to convert ai to dst file

Converting Adobe Illustrator Artwork directly to Tajima Embroidery Format (.ai to .dst conversion) should be quite straightforward, since users typically search for this conversion when they wish to transform graphics to a format supportable by stitching machines.

Embroidery design programs will, in most cases, not be able to directly import Adobe Illustrator graphics, yet they typically do allow users to import vector graphics. Should you have access to Adobe Illustrator, try saving your graphics as .svg files (Scalable Vector Graphics). Alternatively, you can do that using one of numerous .ai to .svg converters.

Another option could be to install a plugin for Adobe Illustrator and CoreDRAW, which then enables users to import/export/edit .dst embroidery design. Some of those plugins (add-ons) are Illustrator Extreme and Embroidery i2 for AI.

Additional formats for
ai file conversion

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