Convert AAE to AVI

How to export .aae files as AVI videos. Available aae to avi converters.

How to convert aae to avi file

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Converting Sidecar Image Edit Files directly to AVI video format (.aae to .avi conversion) is not possible. Files with .aae file suffix you get probably from Apple iPhone together with photos. The .aae image edit files do not contain any image data, they only store additional metadata for actual .jpeg images. We are not aware of any existing multimedia conversion utility capable of converting .aae to .avi

Should you, however, be attempting to convert/export Adobe After Effects files to AVI, use the software's render function. That would be a successful aae to avi conversion.

Simply put, it is impossible to convert AAE to AVI directly.
Thus, there is no so-called aae to avi converter or a free online aae to avi converter to be found.

The database currently does not contain any aae software converter.