Convert XWM to WMA

Is there a way to convert .xwm files (MS xWMA Compressed Audio) to .wma format (Windows Media Audio).

How to convert xwm to wma file

Users, who want to export game audio (from video games such as Skyrim) to common audio formats, frequently search for .xwm to .wma conversions.

Try Microsoft's DirectX SDK to convert Microsoft xWMA Compressed Audio to standard Windows Media Audio format.

  1. Launch DirectX.
  2. Locate the xWMAEncode.exe program.
  3. Copy xWMAEncode.exe to folder containing the music.
  4. Launch cmd.exe and locate your folder with the .xwm files.
  5. When in folder, type xwmaencode file.xwm file.wav, where file is the name of one of the extracted .wxm files. To convert more files at once, we advise creating a batch file for it.
  6. Use a wav to wma converter for the desired resulting format.

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