Conversion of xwm files to mp3 file format

xwm to mp3 conversion is typically sought by users that wish to convert audio files (.xwm) from Skyrim computer game to standard .mp3 audio, typically so they can listen to the music on mobile devices, make ringtones and notification sounds from it and so forth.

In order to convert xwm to mp3 follow these few steps:

  1. Download Microsoft's DirectX SDK and locate the xWMAEncode.exe program
  2. Copy xWMAEncode.exe to the folder where the the music is located
  3. Launch cmd.exe and locate your folder with the .xwm files
  4. Once in the folder, type xwmaencode file.xwm file.wav, where file is the name of one of the extracted .wxm files. If you want to convert more files at once, its probably better to create a batch file for it.
  5. now use some WAV to MP3 converter to finally make the format you want.
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