Other SUB conversions

Conversion of sub files to srt file format

You can easily achieve sub to srt conversion in almost every (if not any) video subtitle editor or converter,plenty of them are available on market. Considering both SUB and SRT are some of the most common video subtitle formats used it should not be hard to find a tool for this, even some online converters exist that can do this conversion throuh web site.

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Aegisub icon


A tool for creating and modifying subtitles


A subtitle editor for OS X (macOS)

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Gaupol Subtitle Editor

A subtitle editor

Gnome Subtitles

A subtitle editor for GNOME

Jubler subtitle editor

A program for editing of text subtitles for videos


A subtitle conversion and cleaning utility

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Subs Factory

A utility for creating and editing of video subtitles

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Subtitle Converter

Small tool for macOS, which allows users to convert ass, ssa, s2k, smi, sub files to SRT format

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Subtitle Edit

An open source video subtitle editor

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Subtitle Workshop

A free subtitle editor


Program for creating and managing movie subtitles

Swift Create

A subtitling software

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URUworks Subtitle Workshop

An older freeware subtilte editing application