Convert SB3 to APK

Converting .sb3 files to .apk format.

How to convert sb3 to apk file

Converting Scratch 3.0 Project Files directly to Android Package Files (.sb3 to .apk conversion) is not super straightforward, but it seems to be possible.

Try the following steps:

  1. Create a project in Scratch.
  2. Use 'Share Project' function.
  3. Copy the shared project's URL.
  4. Go to Phosphorus online tool. 
  5. Paste the shared project's URL into given field.
  6. Select 'Package' option and copy the full URL.
  7. Go to AppsGeyser (an appmaking tool).
  8. Select 'Create App' -> 'Website' options
  9. Once prompted, use the URL that you created earlier.
  10. Now you can download the Android app in .apk format.

Additional formats for
sb3 file conversion

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