Convert SB3 to SB2

How to easily convert .sb3 files to .sb2 format.

How to convert sb3 to sb2 file

It should be still possible to convert newer Scratch 3.0 Projects to the previous version, Scratch 2.0 Projects (.sb3 to .sb2 conversion). Such efforts typically relate to users seeking to downgrade their Scratch software version from 3.0 to 2.0. 

In order to do that, try using the SB3 to SB2 Converter, available on GitHub. That tool such reliably convert SB3 projects to SB2 projects.

Suggested software - sb3 to sb2 converters

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SB3 to SB2 Converter

A simple Python 3 program that converts .sb3 files to .sb2 files

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