Convert QRP to XLS

Is it possible to export QuickReport files to Excel? Possible qrp to excel conversion solutions.

How to convert qrp to xls file

What are qrp files and where do they come from?

QRP files are reports generated with the QuickReport solution that can be integrated into Delphi and C++ Builder IDEs as well as commercial software, such as accounting software. While it's not difficult to find viewers for .qrp files, when it comes to exports, the options are limited if you do not have access to software that features QuickReports.

Is it possible to export qrp files to Excel, and how?

The only way to export QRP format to Excel is to use a solution that uses it because the tools not only allow for the generation of QRP reports but also offer various export options. According to the QuickReport website, the default output formats are HTML, PDF, XML, CSV, XLS, WMF, or ASCII file formats. This indicates that while support for Excel is accessible by default, there is also availability for other formats (such as CSV/XML) that may be imported into Excel.

Are there any qrp converters available?

To our knowledge, there are no standalone third-party converters available for the export of qrp files, just viewers that may offer export to PDF only through the Print function and virtual PDF printer.

Simply put, it is impossible to convert QRP to XLS directly.
Thus, there is no so-called qrp to xls converter or a free online .qrp to .xls converter.

Additional formats for
qrp file conversion

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