Convert PPTX to PNG

How to convert pptx to png. Possible pptx to png converters.

How to convert pptx to png file

Users searching for MS Office to picture conversion, are pretty much looking for two things. The very first to do is to simply get a picture of their document, which can be also done by print screen method or to export pictures saved inside the office documents (typically docx, pptx, ppsx, xlsx).

You can find utilities that can make both of these things, but both are also possible without any 3rd party software. As was said, making picture of your document is possible using PrtScn (printscreen) button and then pasting the data to Paint program to crop and save it as image (commonly .jpg, .jpeg, .png images).

Individual slides from the presentations may be saved as separate images. PowerPoint presentations also usually plenty of images, so there should be something that users can extract from these documents.

As for pictures saved inside documents. Latest XML based formats are basically renamed ZIPs and such you can rename the extension and extract the contents. Inside you will find a media folder which will contain the images you are looking for and you can simply copy them out.

Of course, specialized software converters make all this much easier and you will also get better results if you save your document as image in a program that offers this function, so you do not need to manually crop out the edges etc.

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