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Converter utilities capable of fbx file to pmx format conversion.

How to convert fbx to pmx file

Both FBX and PMX are file formats for 3D models. The popular 3D file format FBX (Autodesk FBX Interchange Files) was created by Kaydara first for MotionBuilder. As a result of its widespread adoption and subsequent acquisition by Autodesk, it is currently one of the primary 3D exchange formats. On the other hand, MikuMikuDance, a freeware animation program that enables users to animate and produce 3D animation movies, uses the PMX (MikuMikuDance Model) format.

It is not super straightforward to directly convert Autodesk FBX Interchange Files to MikuMikuDance Models (.fbx to .pmx conversion), as these formats serve different purposes and have different structures. It can, however, be done using certain third-party utilities, such as Blender or FBX Converter.

Suggested software - fbx to pmx converters

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A very popular free program used for work with 3D graphics

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FBX Converter

An FBX converter utility from Autodesk