Convert ENC to RAR

What are my options for converting .enc files to .rar archive format?

How to convert enc to rar file

ENC files are typically password-protected, encrypted files that require the right decryption software to be opened. Once you have those, you can easily convert Encoded Files to WinRAR Compressed Archives (.enc to .rar conversion).

First, you will need to decrypt your ENC file using the appropriate software and password. Online users can choose from a number of encryption tools, such as OpenSSL and AxCrypt. Such tools are capable of decrypting your ENC file to its original format.

Once you have decrypted your ENC file, simply convert it to RAR using WinRAR, or any similar utility.

Suggested software - enc to rar converters

AxCrypt icon


A file encryption program for Windows

OpenSSL icon


A toolkit fo implementing the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v2/v3)

WinRAR icon


One of the oldest and most popular shareware file archiver and data compression utility