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How to work with edoc files in Microsft Word.

How to convert edoc to word file

What are edoc files, and where do they come from?

Although 'edoc' is a common acronym for 'electronic documents', when it comes to actual .edoc files, these are electronically certified documents saved in a format popular in the Baltic countries, especially in Latvia. EDOC format is often used to share secured content, and that's why some users may get it either as downloads from the Internet or sent via email, for example.

These files are containers that contain the main document(s) with one or more digital signatures together with additional metadata files that describe the properties of the document, for example, the author, last modification date, or something similar.

You can add a digital signature to your documents through the eParaksts electronic signature smartcard from the Latvia State Radio and Television Center (LVRTC) or an eID identity card from the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA).

How to open edoc files?

One of the most common problems when it comes to .edoc files is finding a tool that can even view these documents. In the past, the SignAnywhere Free app could be used for this, but it is no longer available for download on the developer's website. It is still available for download on Softpedia or similar software aggregators.

Another solution is the eParaksts (eParakstītājs) app, which allows you to explore the contents of .edoc files and simply extract the original documents or create new digitally signed files.

Is working with edoc files possible using Microsoft Word?

This is not possible directly, but you can extract the original document. These are often PDF files, but they may as well be Microsoft Word documents already. Any type of document can be added to .edoc container, and since it's used for the most common file types, it is more than likely that Microsoft Word can already open the document from EDOC package and no conversion will be required.

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