Convert DOC to FLAC

Is there a possibility to convert .doc files to .flac audio format?

How to convert doc to flac file

It is not possible to convert Microsoft Word Documents directly to Free Lossless Audio Codec Files (.doc to .flac conversion), at least not without a simple workaround. Such attempts relate to users looking for ways to transform texts into speech audio data.

Use a text-to-speech software, such as Balabolka, will let you extract texts from DOC files and export them in MP3 format. You can then easily convert MP3 to FLAC, although the resulting file will not be in lossless audio quality.

This will, in most cases, require a manual final edit, since such conversions will, most likely, not be perfect.

Simply put, it is impossible to convert DOC to FLAC directly.
Thus, there is no so-called doc to flac converter or a free online doc to flac converter to be found.

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