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What are the CSI files and how to export them to PDF?

How to convert csi to pdf file

What are the csi files, and what is the purpose of the csi to pdf conversion?

Many different csi file types exist, but almost none are documents, except for the CSI format used for Challan Status Inquiry, a tax information network in India for filling out TDS return forms. TDS, or Tax Deducted at Source, is a procedure implemented by the Indian government to collect taxes at the source of income. The CSI file, used to create an FVU file for the TDS return, has information on every challan (form) that the deductor has deposited.

CSI (Challan) files are the output of the Income Tax Portal once the form is finished in the user's e-Tax account or from TIN NSDL / TIN OLTAS. The Online Tax Accounting System, or OLTAS for short, keeps track of taxes paid by banks (online or offline). After banks upload information about tax payments, records can be seen online by inputting TANs or challan details.

You can find more about this subject on the website of the Income Tax Department, Ministry of Finance, Government of India.

How do I export csi to pdf?

What many users (in India) face is how to print complete .csi form files to PDF (or paper), which is probably only possible when you view the data in the original programs or web systems and use the print function for the output. It's probably easier to download a new csi file than to convert it to pdf file.

However, many tax-related files are often in structured text format; you may try to open the files using a simple text editor like NotePad and see if you can print the data. This, of course, won't show any formatting or the original form, just the data (numbers).

The database currently does not contain any csi file converter.

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