Convert BAK to VCF

Can I convert .bak files to .vcf format.

How to convert bak to vcf file

Converting .bak files (there are numerous file types using this suffix) directly to vCard Files (.bak to .vcf conversion) is truly not straightforward.

In the past, some mobile devices utilized the .bak file type to store backups of their contacts data. It is, however, difficult to provide details on one specific .bak to .vcf conversion. In some cases, .bak files are simply renamed .csv/.vcf files. Other .bak file types could be some renamed formats, specific to a third-party vendor, and only supported by the original software.

Try contacting your mobile device's technical support, or perhaps go through some forums for more details. You could, of course, try renaming your .bak file to .vcf. Perhaps you'll get lucky.

The database currently does not contain any bak file converter.

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