Convert APE to MP3

Can I convert .ape audio files to .mp3 format?

How to convert ape to mp3 file

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This is quite a straightforward request, since converting Monkey's Audio Lossless Audio Files directly to MP3 Audio Files (.ape to .mp3 conversion) is not only possible, it is also fairly simple.

Numerous audio editors and converters support both file formats. You can use, for instance, Awave Studio or MediaMonkey, as they are fully capable of converting APE to MP3.

Associated software - ape to mp3 converters

Awave Studio icon

Awave Studio

Audio editing software with wide audio formats support

Helium Music Manager icon

Helium Music Manager

A music library management program

MediaMonkey icon


A digital media player and library

Nero Recode icon

Nero Recode

A multimedia converting tool for Windows

SUPER icon


A free universal media, audio & video converter

X Lossless Decoder icon

X Lossless Decoder

An audio player and converter for lossless audio



An audio converter and audio-grabber for Windows