Convert 001 to 7-ZIP

How to convert 001 multivolume archives to 7-zip. Repacking 7-zip archives. Possible 001 to 7-zip converters.

How to convert 001 to 7-zip file

A .001 file represents single piece (the first) of multi-volume archive (typically RAR). To repack it to some other formatr, or example 7z compressed archive, you will have to put all parts of multi-volume archive and first merge them to single file. After that, you can convert (repack really) the RAR archive to 7-zip should you really need it.

Direct 001 to 7-zip conversion is only possible if you have all the pieces of the multi-volume archive.

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Popular open source file archiver with a high compression ratio

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A free open source archive utility

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One of the oldest and most popular shareware file archiver and data compression utility

Additional formats for
001 file conversion

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