Convert ZIP to APK

Is it possible to convert .zip files to .apk format.

How to convert zip to apk file

Converting Zipped Files directly to Android Package File format (.zip to .apk conversion) relates to users attempting to repack their .zip archives to .apk format. 

Please remember that .apk files are basically .zip files whose suffix was renamed to .apk. It is, however, not possible to simply turn .zip files into a fully functioning Android packages by renaming their suffixes, since the .apk format consists of specific standards.

Several apps and conversion tools advertise that they are capable of executing .zip to .apk conversions. It might turn out quite challenging finding a tool that wouldn't simply rename the file's suffix. The resulting file would not be a proper functioning Android package.

The database currently does not contain any zip file converter.

Additional formats for
zip file conversion

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