Conversion of vdata files to jpeg file format

VDATA format is used exclusively in Vaulty and without this app it's very hard to recover JPEG pictures from .vdata files, which is what users looking for vdata to jpeg conversion typically want. Nevertheles, if you are certain that your .vdata file is or contains  JPEG images, you can use the following to recover your images. This requires at some degree of knowledge about HEX editors however and most likely should not be attempted by someone inexperienced.

  1. make sure that you first copy of your .vdata files, so if something goes wrong you do not lose data
  2. install a HEX editor of your choice  and open your .vdata file
  3. search for the "obscured" text inside the file when you open it with HEX editor and delete the word
  4. save the file and rename the extension from vdata to .jpg and you should hopefully have your pictures back
Open VDATA file    Open JPEG file