Conversion of snt files to txt file format

Looks like snt to txt conversion is often searched by users that would like to recover Sticky Notes from Windows and save them as text or document file (for example simple .txt files). This is usually the case when the notes are deleted by accident and users wonder whenever it is even possible to recover the files.

Good news is, it is! Bad news is, it's not that simple. First thing you have to do is to locate your Sticky Notes files, it is typically saved in the following location:

%AppData%\Microsoft\Sticky Notes\StickyNotes.snt

Once you have the file, make a copy of it somewhere else so you do not lose the current notes. Now try to open the .snt file in a text editor or word processor with support for RTF format. This is usually needed if your notes were formatted, but a simple Notepad may be sufficient if you have no trouble browsing through the clutter to search for your texts.

Open SNT file    Open TXT file