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Conversion of smm files to pdf file format

Exporting Samsung Galaxy S memos (.smm) to other formats, for example PDF format migth sometimes be really difficult. Unfortunately, no easy way how to do it exists, but crafty users have found out several workarounds that may work for you.

Option 1 (done on your phone, requires a text editor app):

  1. open the memo that you need to convert and tap it so that you see the cursor.
  2. click-and-hold the cursor (or somewhere where there is text) and choose Select All.
  3. click-and-hold on the selected text and choose Copy
  4. open any text processor app and paste the text.
  5. save it as any text file and send it to your computer via email
  6. open the file on your computer with some text editor
  7. either use the default PDF export function if possible, or use a virtual PDF printer

Option 2 (works with Outlook):

  1. connect your device to your computer and launch Kies
  2. select Sync from the top menu tabs
  3. check the Sync Memo with Outlook under Personal information (after selecting a folder for storing Memos)
  4. click on All Memos
  5. click on Sync above
  6. open that folder in Outlook. You will see the memos there.
  7. now you can open them one at a time and copy and paste the text to any text editor
  8. save the text file and either export it as PDF or print via a virtual PDF printer
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