Convert SC2REPLAY to MP4

Steps for making MP4 videos from Starcraft 2 sc2replay game replay files.

How to convert sc2replay to mp4 file

What is sc2replay file, and why convert it to mp4?

sc2replay file is a replay of a multiplayer match from the popular Starcraft 2 real-time strategy game. Although the files can be used for sharing, build order and tactic analysis, etc., many users simply want to make a video of the match, often for upload to YouTube, Twitch, or sites that aggregate and stream gameplays.

The game client does not offer any tools that can be used for direct export to MP4 or any other video format, leaving users to explore alternative ways to achieve sc2replay to mp4 conversion.

How are sc2replay files recorded?

The Starcraft replays are automatically generated after each match, and you can find them available for playback in the match history tab. The .sc2replay files are located in Starcraft's II folder in the user's default document folder.

SC2 is a popular esports game, which means many "Pro" replays can be downloaded from the Internet and watched using the game's client. One of the most popular sites with such content is the Spawning Tool.

How to create MP4 video from Starcraft II replay

While Starcraft 2 offers great tools for playback of replays, there is no such thing as MP4 or any other video export. The usual workaround is to use OBS, Fraps, Camstasity, or a similar screen recording software to produce a video recording. You can also take advantage of the Nvidia GeForce Experience or Radeon ReLive comes with your graphics card driver and record video during gameplay.

Prepare your screen recording tool

To avoid spending hours continually recording the same replay, you need first set up the screen recording tool and become comfortable with its operation. You can change parameters like key binding and output video formats. Matches can last anywhere from ten to twenty minutes.

Launch SC2 game replay and record it

Make sure the replay you want to play is in the default replay folder and launch it with SC2 client while your screen recording utility is on.

Export your video recording to MP4

Before exporting the finished file to MP4 format, you can crop the video and remove any unwanted parts if your screen recording program supports it; if not, you can use any video editing software.

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