Convert REPLAY to MP4

Is there a way to convert game replay files to MP4 video format?

How to convert replay to mp4 file

Video games typically create replay files to record gameplay, which can be reviewed later in the game. These files usually contain data about in-game actions and events rather than traditional video data. Because they're not standard video files, you can't play them as MP4 videos by changing the file extension and using standard video players.

Common game replay file types from popular games

  • .replay - Commonly used by Fortnite and other games like Rocket League.
  • .wotreplay - replay files from World of Tanks.
  • .rofl - League of Legends replay files that can be played within the League of Legends client.
  • .mcpr - Minecraft Replay Mod file.
  • .dem - Used by games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for in-game replays.
  • .sc2replay StarCraft II replay files that can be played within the StarCraft II game client.
  • ... and many other file types for various game replays.

Convert game replay to MP4 video

Converting one of the many existing game replay file types directly to MPEG-4 Video format (.replay to .mp4 conversion) will, most likely, not be possible using traditional video conversion utilities. These programs, typically, are not capable of converting game replays, or game session recordings to multimedia formats, such as MP4.

Each replay file type is proprietary to the game that creates them, and they can usually only be opened and played within the respective game client. Unless the particular game comes equipped with a default function allowing players to export their sessions directly to MP4 format, you might have to use a screen recording utility, such as Bandicam, OBS Studio, Fraps or Camtasia, to record your game session loaded from the REPLAY file. You can also use free built-in tools like Xbox Game Bar, or if you have a Nvidia graphic card, you can use Nvidia game overlay layer from Geforce Experience software to record your gameplay.

Suggested software - replay to mp4 converters

Bandicam icon


Record everything on your PC

Camtasia icon


A screen capture and video editing software

Fraps icon


A screen recording utility

OBS Studio icon

OBS Studio

Open Broadcaster Software