Convert MIDI to XML

Steps how to produce MusicXML notation based on MIDI music.

How to convert midi to xml file

What is midi to xml conversion?

Most users searching for a midi to xml conversion or export are looking for a way to produce a music notation sheet in MusicXML format (.xml or .musicxml) from a MIDI musical file. While XML files fulfill various purposes, there is no other use for XML export in relation to MIDI music.

MIDI format

For many users, the first association that comes with MIDI, is simply instrumental music. Widely used for recording and editing music, MIDI does not contain audio data. It's like a digital score that tells hardware or software instruments what to play, when, and how. MIDI is a technical standard that describes a protocol, digital interface, and connectors for interconnecting electronic musical instruments, computers, and other audio devices.

MusicXML format

MusicXML, an XML-based file format for Western musical notation, is the standard open format for exchanging digital sheet music. It contains detailed representations of musical scores, including notes, rhythms, text annotations, and more, similar to a digital version of sheet music. MusicXML is designed for sharing sheet music files between different music notation software programs. This allows for high levels of detail and precision in music transcription.

Step-by-step process for making music notations from MIDI files

Converting a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) file into MusicXML format describes the process of translating MIDI's digital instrument data into a standardized sheet music format. This task can be complex due to the differences in how MIDI and MusicXML represent musical information, but many tools exist nowadays.

We have picked the free MuseScore for our example, but the process is the same regardless of the software of your choice. Here's a comprehensive walkthrough of the steps involved in importing the MIDI file into MuseScore, possibly adjusting the notation, and exporting the finished file as a MusicXML file:

Install and open MuseScore

If you have not done so already, download and install MuseScore and open it. It's a free download available for many platforms and is localized to most languages.

Import your MIDI file

Navigate to File ► Open in the menu, browse to the location of your MIDI file, and select it. MuseScore will import the MIDI file and convert it into sheet music notation. This process is automatic, but the result might need manual adjustment. If you are unfamiliar with that process, either consult online help or just skip it.

Edit your music sheet

MIDI files don't contain certain notation information (like dynamics, articulations, or text), so you may need to add these elements manually. This should not be difficult using MuseScore's editing tools to adjust notes, rhythms, articulations, and other musical elements to ensure the score accurately represents the music.

Export sheet to MusicXML format

Once you're satisfied with the result and how your music score is, simply go to File ► Export and select the MusicXML from the dropdown menu. Several variants of this format exist (compressed, uncompressed), so be sure to pick the one you need before you hit the Save button.

Additional formats for
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