Convert MEPJ to MP4

Convert .mepj Movavi Video Editor project files to MP4 video format.

How to convert mepj to mp4 file

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MEPJ to MP4 file conversion

Users seeking a mepj to mp4 conversion typically try to export Movavi Video Editor projects (.mepj files) as MP4 videos. This situation often arises when they receive a .mepj file from someone instead of the actual video.

Converting MEPJ to MP4 involves using Movavi Video Editor to export the video project. This is a straightforward process on platforms supported by Movavi Video Editor (Windows and Mac). For other platforms, the conversion involves using a supported system to export the project due to the lack of direct support for MEPJ files outside of Movavi software.

MEPJ file type

MEPJ files are project files created, and you can open .mepj files only using Movavi Video Editor, a video editing software. These files contain references to video clips, audio files, and settings used within the project, such as transitions, effects, and edits. MEPJ files do not include the actual media but information on assembling and processing the media files into a final video project.

MP4 file type

MP4 files are multimedia files commonly used to store digital video and audio streams, especially those defined by the MPEG standard. MP4 files can also store other data, such as subtitles and still images. Known for their high compression and good quality, MP4 files are widely supported by media players, video editing software, and internet platforms.

Steps to convert MEPJ to MP4 video

To convert the MEPJ file to MP4 video file, you need to export or render the video project from Movavi Video Editor to MP4 format. This process involves using the project file (MEPJ) to create a final video file (MP4).

Convert MEPJ to MP4 on a Windows PC

Download, install, and open your MEPJ file in Movavi Video Editor, then choose the export option. Select MP4 as the output format and configure your desired video settings. Finally, click Export to start the file conversion.

Convert MEPJ to MP4 on Mac

Follow the same steps as for Windows. Download and install Movavi Video Editor for Mac. Movavi Video Editor is cross-platform, so the process for exporting your project as an MP4 file is similar.

iOS & Android

Movavi Video Editor is not available for iOS and Android. For these platforms, you must transfer the MEPJ project file to a Windows PC or Mac to convert.


Movavi Video Editor does not have a Linux version. Linux users can use Wine to run Windows applications or opt for video editing software compatible with Linux (such as Kdenlive or Shotcut) for editing needs. Still, the direct conversion of MEPJ files might not be supported. The best approach is to use a compatible Windows PC or Mac to export the project to MP4.

If you have the necessary multimedia data and use the commercial version of the software, the resulting video will bear a watermark. Therefore, it might be most practical to request the person who sent you the .mepj file to export it to MP4 video for you.

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