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Software capable of converting MDJ models to PDF format.

How to convert mdj to pdf file

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In order for you to convert StarUML Models directly to Adobe Portable Documents (.mdj to .pdf conversion) you will have to use the original software, StarUML, a software modeler for agile and concise modeling. 

To our knowledge, no 3rd party tool is known to support the MDJ file format. You might, however, find some scripts on GitHub for this.

1. In StarUML, select "File" from the menu bar then choose "Print".

2. Don't send a command to a physical printer. Instead choose "Save as PDF" or "Print to PDF".

3. Then just confirm your action by clicking "Save" or "Print", name your file, and choose a location for saving it.

You must have a virtual PDF printer set up on your computer to use this method. Most current computers already have this feature, but if yours doesn't, there are several free utilities you can use instead. (Examples: PDFCreator, CutePDF)

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