Convert LQM to XLS

How to convert .lqm notes to .xls format.

How to convert lqm to xls file

Converting LG QuickMemo Notes directly to Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets (.lqm to .xls conversion) is, to our knowledge, not possible. The app itself doesn't allow users to export their notes to .xls format.

We are also not aware of any existing software or (online) conversion tool capable of converting .lqm to .xls.

You could, however, extract data from your .lqm file, since it's essentially merely a renamed ZIP archive. Use any extracted data part located in the audio/videos/pictures/drawings folders to place those objects into an MS Excel spreadsheet.

In a word, direct lqm to xls conversion is not possible.
So don't expect any so-called lqm to xls converter or lqm to xls free online conversion tool available.

The database currently does not contain any lqm software converter.