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Options for printing Canvas courses to PDF format.

How to convert imscc to pdf file

What are imscc files, and how to export them to PDF?

IMSCC files are a specific export format from the Instructure Canvas web-based learning management system (LMS) and are used as an exchange format between users for the export of whole courses. These files are not documents but data files used to define the parameters and settings of courses and do not contain user-specific data, such as student interactions or grades, which can be exported separately as CSV files.

There is actually no way to export .imscc file to PDF format directly; that is, you won't find any tool that can view .imscc files and print the content as PDF document. What you can do, however, is import the .mscc file to Canvas and use the print function (and virtual PDF printer) to export the visualization of individual pages from the course. Canvas does not offer a dedicated PDF export function, so if you want to produce a publication from the course, you can use the supported ePUB format. It is not then difficult to produce a PDF file based on the ePUB.

Note: This is related to Canvas LMS by Instructure, not Canvas graphics software or Canvas Networks' mage-centric social website.

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