Converting .imoviemobile video project files to .mp4 video format.

How to convert imoviemobile to mp4 file

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What are iMovieMobile and MP4 files?


The .iMovieMobile file extension is associated with Apple's iOS version of its iMovie application. It lets users edit and manage video projects directly on their iPhones or iPads using iMovie projects stored in this format. This file contains the project details, edits, and references to the video clips used in the project. Still, it is not a video file format compatible with standard media players.


The MP4 file (MPEG-4) is a multimedia file format for storing video, audio, subtitles, and still images. Most media players, streaming services, and devices support MP4 files due to their high quality and relatively small file sizes.

iMovieMobile to MP4 video conversion

Converting iOS iMovie Project Files directly to MPEG-4 Videos is possible and relatively straightforward, even though your options are limited to using the original software. Use iMovie (iOS or Mac version only), which allows users to export its IMOVIEMOBILE projects in MP4 format. If you have the .iMovieMobile project file that you want to convert to an MP4 file, you must complete the project in iMovie and export it as an MP4 video file. You can do this conversion only on iPhone/iPad or Mac computer; iMovie app is not available for Windows.

Additional formats for
imoviemobile file conversion

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