Convert ENC4 to ZIP

Converting enc4 files to zip archive file.

How to convert enc4 to zip file

ENC4 to ZIP conversion

Converting ENC4 to ZIP is closely linked to the decryption of downloaded Samsung firmware files. These files frequently have a .zip.enc4 extension when downloaded. However, removing the ENC4 extension doesn't always restore the ZIP archive, making it impossible to decompress using standard tools.

Decrypting .enc4 files with SamFirm Tool

In situations where simple removal of the ENC4 extension is ineffective, a utility called SamFirm Tool is required for decryption. This tool is capable of successfully converting the .zip.enc4 file back into a decompressible ZIP archive.

Suggested software - enc4 to zip converters

SamFirm Tool

Tool to download and check latest Samsung smarphones and tablets firmware files directly from Samsung's servers.