Convert EMMX to PDF

Is it possible to directly convert .emmx mind map files to .pdf format?

How to convert emmx to pdf file

Converting .emmx files to .pdf format involves changing a mind map created in EdrawMind (previously known as Edraw MindMaster, .emmx files [EdrawMind XML mind maps and project files]) into a PDF document. This process is useful for sharing mind maps with users who may not have EdrawMind installed, as PDFs are widely accessible across various devices and platforms.
Here’s how to perform emmx to pdf file conversion across different platforms:

EMMX to PDF conversion on Windows PC

Download, install, and open the .emmx file in EdrawMind. Then go to the File menu, select Export & Send, and choose PDF Format.
This saves your mind map as a PDF file directly from the software.

Conversion of EMMX files to PDF on the Mac

Similar to Windows, use EdrawMind on Mac. Open your file, navigate to File ► Export & Send, and select PDF.

Can EMMX be converted to PDF on iOS (iPhone/iPad)?

  1. EdrawMind Mobile App: If you have the EdrawMind app installed, open the .emmx file and look for the export or share option within the app to save it as a PDF. The interface may vary slightly from desktop versions.
  2. Online converters: Accessible via a web browser on your device, though usability and results may vary.

Is it possible to convert EMMX to PDF on Android?

  1. EdrawMind for Android: Like iOS, use the app to open and export the file to PDF directly from your Android device.
  2. Online Converters: Use any web browser on your Android device to access online conversion tools.

Convert EMMX to PDF using Linux

Since EdrawMind previously might not offer a native Linux application, Linux users can either use Wine to run the Windows version of EdrawMind. Currently, Wondershare EdrawMind is a multiplatform mind-mapping solution and is also available for Linux.

Convert EMMX to PDF online

There is also an online version of EdrawMind accessible through a common web browser; you can try it at EdrawMind's official website.

For security and privacy, consider converting sensitive documents with desktop applications rather than online services when possible.

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