Convert DOC to ODT

Converting .doc files to .odt format.

How to convert doc to odt file

Converting Microsoft Word Documents directly to OpenDocument Text Documents (.doc to .odt conversion) is very straightforward, and is doable using pretty much any word processing software, such as Apache OpenOffice, AbiWord and many more.

Alternatively, you can simply copy and paste the text data from one program to another.

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AbiWord icon


A free word processing program, part of GNOME office productivity bundle

Apache OpenOffice Writer icon

Apache OpenOffice Writer

Word processor and text editor from suite

Atlantis Word Processor icon

Atlantis Word Processor

A shareware word processor program

Google Docs icon

Google Docs

Word processor web app from Google

LibreOffice Writer icon

LibreOffice Writer

Full-featured word processing and desktop publishing tool from LibreOffice suite

Microsoft Word icon

Microsoft Word

One of the most popular word processor programs from Microsoft Office

NeoOffice icon


A full-featured set of office applications for Mac

TextMaker icon


A reliable word processor from SoftMaker Office suite

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ThinkFree Write

A Korean word processor