Convert DCT to MP3

Converting .dct files directly to .mp3 format.

How to convert dct to mp3 file

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Converting Dictation Audio Files directly to MP3 Audio Files (.dct to .mp3 conversion) is absolutely doable, although your options are limited to using NCH Software tools. DCT is a proprietary audio file format for digital dictation developed by NCH Software.

There are some programs, such as Express Dictation or Switch Audio File Converter, capable of directly converting DCT to MP3.

We are not aware of any third-party solutions capable of such conversion.

Suggested software - dct to mp3 converters

Express Dictate icon

Express Dictate

A voice recording program that works like a dictaphone

Switch Audio File Converter icon

Switch Audio File Converter

A dedicated audio converter

WavePad icon


An audio editing software for Windows and Mac

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